Acupuncture Face-Lift: Beauty, Radiance & Vitality for the Face

For over 5,000 years, Chinese Medicine has aspired to cultivate the strength and vitality of the human being. While physical, mental, and emotional resiliency can be achieved through the regular consumption of special Chinese herbs, as well as regular Acupuncture Treatments, “Beautifcation” has been a specialized area of Chinese medicine for centuries. Prized by the Emperor’s and the Royal family throughout the ages, Acupuncture (and herbs as well), has been used to not only slow down the aging process, but to maintain beauty, radiance, and vitality in the face. The Chinese always revered beauty as sign of immortality and longevity. Therefore, the physical appearance of the individual was considered a reflection of their strength and vitality. With this emphasis on immortality, Acupuncture was used to reverse and slow down the aging process, yielding remarkable results, that can be maintained over the course of a lifetime.

As gravity progresses, the aging process becomes inevitable. Skin loses it’s elasticity, and once prominent anatomical structures such as Cheek Bones, Jaw Lines, and other aqualine features soften. The size and shape of the eyes diminish as part of the aging process. The once illuminated and radiant glow that youth provides dwindles slowly, as luster and beauty diminish in the face. The facial-skeletal structure is vulnerable to the descending energy that pulls it down—leading to sagging skin. The once taut and tight look and feel of the face gradually vanishes. This however, does not have to be the case. Aging of the face can not be eliminated entirely, but can significantly be slowed down with the help of “Acupuncture Face-Lifts.”

Acupuncture Face lifts utilize the dynamic principals of energy that Acupuncture is based on. Since aging causes structures to droop and descend, Acupuncture Face-Lifts can pull energy upward, causing a tightening and tautness of the skin. Prominent features such as high Cheek bones, chiseled jaw lines, and other strong features become accentuated. The eyes widen and brighten with vitality and life-force, and an overall rejuvenating effect is experienced. This is achieved with a combination of Acupuncture and special Chinese herbs. This intention is the same intention that a traditional surgical face-lift utilizes. However, there is no cutting, or surgical invasion into the human body. There is no down time. There is usually no bruising. And no inflammation and recuperation time, as there is with Plastic Surgery. The effect is immediate and instantaneous. Usually the transformation takes place within minutes after the Acupuncture Needles are inserted. There is virtually no pain or discomfort during the session.

With consistent treatments (2-3 per week), a cumulative rejuvenating effect is achieved. The treatments usually take place over the course of 3 months, of which thereafter, the results remain. Intermittent treatments once every month are recommended for ideal results.

Dr. Dustin Siena has developed a unique and specialized technique to ensure maximum results. In addition to the “Siena Acupuncture Face-Lift”, a special herbal formula, developed by Dr. Dustin Siena is often used to support the “Ascending” effect of the cumulative treatments. Special selected Chinese herbs work in a similar way to the Acupuncture, and enhance the overall result, ensuring a radiant skin complexion, and an overall tightening effect on the prominent anatomical structures of the face.

The “Siena Acupuncture Face-Lift” offers noticeable and visible changes in skin texture, color, tautness, and elasticity. Dietary changes are essential to maximize and maintain the beautiful results achieved from the treatments. Dr. Siena introduces specific Chinese Nutrition guidelines, which have been used for centuries for beautification.

Many of Dr. Siena’s patients have been ecstatic with the results, and come in for regular maintenance treatments, after the desired results have been achieved.

The “Siena Acupuncture Face-Lift” is a wonderful alternative to Plastic Surgery, with no recovery time, yiedling rapid and desireable results. The unique element involved with this process is that an overall slowing down of the degenerative aging process can be achieved with consistent Acupuncture Face-Lift Treatments. This is quite profound, since these treatments over time can prevent the need for any invasive plastic surgery later on, which is consistent with the intention of Chinese Medicine. Prevention is the emphasis here, so as to maintain vitality, radiance, and life-force throughout one’s life.