Auriculotherapy is a branch of Chinese Medicine, which utilizes a “somatotopic” or “microsystem” theory.

Specific parts of the body correspond to specific parts of the ear. While both the French and Chinese are in debate as to the origin of Auriculotherapy, both countries have been instrumental in its development as a powerful system of Medicine. Today, Auriculotherapy is becoming a mainstream form of medicine, currently being developed by the United States Military as a viable form of healthcare.

The ear is considered a “microsystem” of the body. “Microsystems” are like small images of your body, located in different locations on your body. Foot reflexology is an example of a microsystem. If you have neck pain, you may feel relief when the neck area in your feet is stimulated. Other microsystems are located on the face, scalp, eyes, lips, chest, abdomen, legs, back, and hands.

Any part of your body, any internal organ, even specific vertebras can be accessed through specific corresponding points on your ears. There are currently more than 150 indications for the application of Auriculotherapy, including areas such as gynecological, orthopedic, endocrine, immune, nervous system, circulatory, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive system imbalances. Also, drug addiction, and weight loss programs are also treated through the Ear.

Auriculotherapy is currently an approved treatment for drug detoxification, utilized in various urban drug detoxification centers throughout the United States. It is also being developed by the United States Military as a protocol to treat various health ailments, as well as to strengthen the individual overall.

A large number of Western-trained Physicians are beginning to get trained in Auriculotherapy. Auriculotherapy has been scrutinized from all areas, including histological, physiological, and isotopic methods. Much of this research has confirmed and proven its efficacy as a powerful medicine. The abundant amount of research and success has permeated into the Western Medical Community. Many Western Trained practitioners of this system consider this to be completely based in pure science.

Currently, it is believed that there are over 700 different Auricular points on the ears.

This system is a wonderful adjunct to Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine since it can be utilized in between treatments. Ear Seeds or small pellets are placed with self-adhesive tape on specific points on the patients’ ear. These seeds or pellets remain in place for usually 5-10 days. The patient is instructed to press on the seeds throughout the day. This allows the patient to give his or herself a healing treatment every single day, as often as he or she wishes. This also strengthens and reinforces the balancing effect of the Acupuncture and Herbal treatments.

Having trained under the auspices of Dr. Li-Chun Huang, the current expert in Auriculotherapy in China today, Dr. Dustin Siena utilizes Auriculotherapy in his practice, as both a diagnostic and therapeutic tool, with tremendous success.