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Creator / Formulator, Sudden Bliss, 2002
Created a highly concentrated & potent herbal product, utilizing herbs from the Amazon Rainforest, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, India, China, and other countries. The product was the result of many years of research and development.
Please see Original Formulas section for more info.

Cosmetic Herbal Formulator, Derma-E Cosmetics, 2001
Created a cosmetic herbal line for a large cosmetic company.
The products are unique in that their mode of delivery is topical, applied directly to the skin. The “trans-dermals” are highly effective, as various herbal ingredients are delivered into the blood stream, through the skin to induce a tranquilizing or hypnotic state.

Creator / Formulator, 360 Labs, 2000
Created a series of high potency concentrated herbal formulas to be used as additives to juices and smoothies for various Juice Bars throughout the United States.

Creator / Formulator, Rhino Naturals, 1999
Created an herbal line of products for a well-established, Los Angeles based herbal company. Directly supervised all facets of the project, including development, creation, and processing.


California State Board, Licensed Acupuncturist (l.Ac.)

RHODE ISLAND DEPT. OF HEALTH, Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (DAOM)

Washington State Board, Licensed Acupuncturist (EAMP)

Montana State Board of Medical Examiners,

Licensed Acupuncturist (l.Ac.)

Nationally Board Certified Diplomate of Acupuncture (NCCAOM)

Nationally Board Certified Diplomate of Chinese Herbology (NCCAOM)



Dustin has studied advance pulse diagnosis in order to draw from the enormous body of knowledge which can be discerned through touch and palpation. This methodology allows for maximum precision in diagnosis.


Dustin also has extensive training in a specialized area called “Auriculotherapy”, which involves the insertion of needles or beads (non-invasive), into points on the ear. Auriculothrapy has been used extensively in smoking cessation programs and drug detoxification clinics throughout the world. It is also being developed by the United States Navy as a protocal to treat all health ailments, as well as to strengthen the individual overall. Dustin trained under the auspices of Dr. Li-Chuan Huang, who currently is China’s premiere expert on Auriculotherapy, having treated two prime ministers of China.

A few more tidbits…


Dustin is the author of several articles on complimentary medicine, featured in Beverly Hills Weekly Newspaper, Vitamin Retailer, & Juiced Magazine, and most recently has been featured in a bi-monthly herbal column in Your Health Connection Magazine( YHC).


After many years of meditation, I decided to try something different. I wanted to combine herbs from different cultural traditions around the world.

Trained in Chinese Herbal Medicine, and loving the herbs, I wanted to bring herbs from other cultures and lands, and combine them all into one ultimate formula.

I was especially fascinated with herbs from where the majority of life-force on our planet comes from—the Amazon Rainforest.

If I could somehow utilize the principles as a foundation, but use ingredients outside the Chinese Herbal Pharmacopia, I thought I could create something very special, which I had never been done before.

After trial & errors, and a lot of patients from my good friend Hank of Far East Summit Herbs, we did it !

The name of this formula became


Please look under the ORIGINAL FORMULA section for details.


Most recently, Dustin teamed up with Derma-E, a leading Cosmetic Company for the last 40 years. Dustin was the formulator and chemist of 2 Herbal Trans-dermal formulas, which are applied topically to the skin. They are designed by Dustin to induce to a state of deep sleep, and calmness. Currently, these 2 formulas are available at fine health food stores throughout the world.

And currently, Dustin is in development of future herbal products, which will hopefully enrich the human experience. These formulas are tedious, as years of research and development are spent in their creation.




It doesn’t get better than this.

I would love to say that my father being a Physician was my inspiration since I popped out of my lovely mother’s womb. From the first breath I took, I wanted to be a Doctor. This would be untruthful. Tennesee Williams if he were alive would call it “Mendacity” !

I had no desire, passion, or interest in being a Doctor during my youth.

As young man, I started acting in commercials, plays, television, and movies. On my first commercial audition for TYCO (the remote control race cars), I got my first commercial. Beginner’s luck I guess. Or maybe destiny ? I don’t know. But they cancelled the commercial and still offered to pay me, and give the sought after SAG card. My mother said no. She thought I wouldn’t appreciate it,. And had faith that if it was my destinty, I would experience success soon enough.

My 2nd audition was for a Kool-Aid commercial. I got it. And I got my SAG card. Mothers do know best. How did she know ? She turned down money and a SAG card, and I only found this out about 20 years later.

At 10 years old, after the Kool Aid commercial, I was a full-fledged SAG carrying card member, sharing membership with the likes of Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Spencer Tracy, Cary Grant, and my favorite Jimmy Stewart. I was among them. But I was ten years old.

Fast forward to 1995. I was living in Malibu. I graduated the USC School of Cinema-Television, with the hopes of being the next Francis Ford Coppolla. I wanted to tell stories that would uplift the human spirit. I thought this was my destiny.

Funny thing happened on the way to the forum.

On that faithful day in September of 1995 in Malibu, California, I needed an oil change for my automobile. I had just moved to Malibu, and didn’t know where to take my car. So I grabbed a phone book ( remember those things pre-google ?). I looked into the yellow pages under the section “A” for Automobile, hoping to find a place to get my lube job.

Well as fate would have it, just before Automobile in the yellow pages, I saw the CATEGORY ACUPUNCTURE. I scratched my fuzzy head. Hmmmm. Acupuncture ? I hate needles. I am terrified of blood. I can’t watch scarymovies. The Halloween Movies with Jason scare the bejeezus out of me! The site of blood makes me pass out.

Not a very good Doctor’s son.

But Acupuncture ? Don’t they use magic herbs that make human stronger, faster, taller, smarter, and better-looking ? Don’t Chinese people live 200 years ? And of course I loved Kung-Fu. Maybe, if I call the Acupuncture place, they can teach me KUNG-FU and reveal the ancient Chinese secrets to give me super powers like superman ?

The number in the phone book was for an ACUPUNCTURE SCHOOL. Instead of taking my truck for the oil change, I called the ACUPUNCTURE SCHOOL.

Originally in need of an oil change, there was a change of plan.

I guy answered the phone named Bong. Great name. How can you not love a guy named Bong. He said he was the owner of the school, and he had kung fu and herbs, and much much more.

He urged me to come immediately to the school and meet him. If I did this task, maybe my true destiny would be revealed. Not. I just thought there was something cool about Kung Fu and Herbs.

I hopped onto the pacific coast highway in my orange truck, and arrived at a place called Emperor’s Colleged to meet this named Bong. His name was Bong Kim. He owned the school.

What I didn’t know was that he was some sort of ordained sage or master. He was an Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and a Qi Gong Master. (There was no Kung Fu mentioned).

When I arrived he asked me what I did for a living. I told him I wanna tell stories. Im a film maker. He asked why ? I told him I wanna make stories that open the heart.

His eyes twinkled. I had struck a chord. An energetic chord formed and connected the two of our hearts.

He said that to be a great film maker, I have to open my heart. He called it “Shen”. Which I late found out is what the Chinese call the “Spirit” that resides inside the organ of the heart. They call it the “Shen.”

He said that the goal of Traditional Oriental Medicine is to open the heart. I was blown away. He said If I become an Acupuncturist & Herbalist, or as he called it, A Chinese Doctor (even though I’m not Chinese), I could open my heart. And even help people open their heart or shen.

I signed on the dotted line. A 180 degree career move. USC Film school graduate signs up with Korean Sage to become a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. An Acupuncturist and an Herbalist.

I forget that I was scared of needles. But the herbs—they sang to me.

I had no idea the path I was beginning.

During the first day of orientation, we all had to stand up and say a few words. A girl named Elita said that she had been researching and investigating Chinese Medical schools throughout the country. She was from Chicago. And after an exhaustive search, she chose Emperors College. She said it was considered the top Acupuncture & Herbal school in North America, according to her intensive investigation.

I stood up and said, I needed an oil change for my truck, and looked in the phone book under AUTOMOBILE and accidentally came across ACUPUNCTURE. 1 Hour later I met with Bong and signed up for a career as a Chinese Doctor !

(Note: Bong Kim, I later found out almost never answer the phone, and is rarely ever here in America, as he is usually meditating in various forests or mountains throughout Asia). I just happened to get lucky on my phone call, with him answering the phone, and then meeting with him what seemed to be 60 minutes later).

I became known as the guy who needed an lube job for his car, and instead got a lube job done to my body, spirit, and mind, making what is probably and arguably the most spontaneous and impetuous career change ever done in the history of the free world.

That was in 1995. It is now 2011. And I still love it. The herbs are my friends. And they are big medicine.

The needles are just catalysts for movement.

And every day I learn something new. 5,000 years of practice and nearly 3 billion Chinese people can’t be wrong.

Lovingly Written By Dustin Siena, L.Ac.

Feb 19, 2011