Office Philosophy

It is the intention of all Doctors to provide their patients with the highest care possible.

The current “standard of care” in medicine has often been reduced to only a couple of minutes of time that the Doctor spends one-on-one with the patient. Many patients feel rushed.

During illness or sickness, it becomes even more important to provide a nurturing and caring environment that is conducive to healing. This means spending quality time with the patient, and patiently answering all their questions until they are satisfied.

It is my opinion that the single most important factor in the healing process is human interaction and communication. The healing power of sensitivity and compassion transcends all technology & gadgetry.

Because of my conviction, and commitment to the patient, I only see one patient at a time. I do not have multiple rooms of patients waiting, nor, do I schedule each patient at 15-minute intervals.

During the initial visit, this is quite a comprehensive visit, which includes a detailed discussion and inquiry into their chief complaint or pattern of disharmony, explanation of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Herbal Medicine, as it applies to their unique constitution and situation. This also includes a series of diagnostics, including pulse palpation, ear inspection, tongue observation. These tests allow the Doctor to arrive at a precise diagnosis and formulate a therapeutic principle, which will be the foundation of all future treatments.

After the Acupuncture treatment, time permitting, further discussion is spent on meditation techniques, and tools to empower the patient’s own healing, including specific healing foods for their own constitution, and color therapy recommendations, to bring about a state of radiant health in their daily lives.

Also, if time permits and if applicable, ear seeds are applied to specific points on the ear, which will stay with the patient in between treatments. (Please see the Auriculotherapy Section for detailed information.)

If the patient wants to purchase a customized herbal formula for themself, a unique and elegant Chinese Herbal formula is then written for the patient, which usually takes a couple of days to deliver. The patient will consume the herbal formula on a daily basis and usually will come in for Acupuncture treatments & check-ups on a weekly, or bi-monthly basis.

Meditation is strongly suggested, and specific techniques are given during the visits.

During the visits, further refinements in the patient’s treatment principles will be made, as subtle energetic shifts constantly occur in the patient, making it important to always fine-tune the treatment to the current need and moment.

Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine can serve as a catalyst in creating longevity, and true spiritual fulfillment.

The intention is to bring about a state of true balance and harmony, that the patient can maintain themselves throughout their entire life.